Lionel Messi claims he will be stepping back more in new position 

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Lionel Messi has hinted he will be stepping back more in the closing stages of his career adding he is not concerned about scoring goals.

The 32-year-old is known for scoring many goals despite playing behind a striker but the Barcelona captain is thinking about playing in a deeper position.

And Messi would likely not score many goals as usual but that does not bother the six-time Ballon d’Or winner.

“I think less and less about scoring goals,” Messi told La Liga on DAZN .

“I’m starting to step back more and more to be the creator rather than the one who finishes.

“Obviously I like scoring and If have a chance I’ll take it, but every time I go on to the pitch I’m less focused on scoring goals and more focused on the game. I’ve never been obsessed with goals. 

“I understand that people will talk about it when I stop scoring so many, but that’s part of the game, part of growing as a player and adapting to the times, to be the best player both for yourself and for the team, ” Messi added that he wasn’t always such a prolific scorer.

“There was a time I didn’t score many goals. “I always scored goals both for Argentina and for Barcelona’s youth team, but I had a hard time scoring during the first few years I played in the first team. I would either make mistakes or I was unlucky.

“I had so many chances but I couldn’t score, until one day everything clicked and the ball started going in. It took me a few years before that happened. “I remember [Samuel] Eto’o told me: ‘the day you start scoring, you won’t stop,” he said.

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