CKay tell-all on Osagie Alonge, moving to Lagos and ‘CKay The First EP’ [Video]

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CKay tell-all on Osagie Alonge, moving to Lagos and 'CKay The First EP' [Video]

Nigerian artiste and producer C-kay was in an interview and he had a lot to say. To mention a few he opened up on how he felt about a statement Pulse TV’s Osagie Alonge made in a podcast featuring M I, Loose Kaynon, Osagie Alonge, and some other reporters that had gone viral before.

According to the reports gathered this interview happened two months later than expected, but it finally happened and it felt like perfect timing. He came with his manager.

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Just before the interview started, Ckay says, “I feel good. But I haven’t been here in a while. You guys (Pulse) and I haven’t been best of friends (laughs).”

About two months earlier, this writer had written a not-so-good review for his EP, CKay The First. As a creative, he understood the inevitability of that cold shoulder. However, this writer was wrong. A few moments after pleasantries at the lobby, we all got into the studio – the cold shoulder became warm. Jokes were also shared and CKay, the subject of the interview loosened up.

Even when this writer told him, “I liked some tracks on your EP, but I thought it could have been better,” the response was a smile.

The result was a great interview – a chat that was both unorthodox and fun. CKay proved a good interview that wasn’t cagey, so words and stories flew out him.

He was born Chukwuka Ekwuani, he talked about his upbringing in Kaduna, Nigeria, growing up on music, running away from home to Lagos and his journey to Chocolate City, Who The F*** Is CKay?, CKay The First, his 2020 music and upcoming short film. When you sit down with him, you don’t just understand his journey, you’ll see how much he loves music.

When people gesticulate with their hands and their face light up as they discuss music, it’s a thing of passion and CKay has it. He’s also very honest. It helps that the music comes at a great time in his personal, professional and label life. However, he says he will not have a label for artists, but might have a publishing arm for producers and songwriters.


A native of Anambra State, he grew up with a music-loving father who is also a Medical Doctor and also a Choir Master of an Anglican Church. Now, he is a producer, singer and songwriter but his first love was singing and he started that as a three-year-old.

“That was like my first experience with creating music from scratch. I would record ideas on a device and sometimes it doesn’t sound good, but I was like a guinea pig for myself. “

My learning how to produce was so that I could make my own music. So singing first.” He started writing songs when he learned how to play the piano age seven. But quickly, he knew that he wanted to play his own music and not just play other people’s music. However, he denies that process being part of a religious rebellion. He still considers gospel music and classical music as pure forms of art, but at that point, he claims that he was “dying to express.


When he couldn’t hold the music back anymore, he packed his bags, got a plane ticket and landed in Lagos – this was without his parents’ knowledge. His entire movement was premised upon faith in his own talent and God.

God works in mysterious ways. At a seminar, he met Audu Maikori and that led to his journey at Chocolate City.

In the attached video, you can watch CKay’s interview with Pulse. He talks about moving to Lagos, signing to Chocolate City, Who The F*** Is CKay, CKay The First and so forth;


In 2020, CKay will release a short film about CKay The First. He calls the film anAfrican extra-terrestrial love story.” The cover art for Ckay The First is a part of that story. When you look closely, you see a spaceship and some weird things, but they all have a meaning. CKay was into sci-fi as a kid and has some thrilling theories about extra-terrestrial existence.

He feels, “The universe is too large for humanity to be the only form of life in it. Let’s say earth is like a speck of dust and this whole space (the studio) is like the size of the milky way galaxy. The Universe is too big to only be home to earthly life. There’s also been like 100,000 UFO sightings between 1980 and 2001.

“So, I feel like these sightings only happen everywhere else asides Africa. So, are you going to tell me that aliens only want everywhere else asides Africa? So what if our African gods were aliens? Then I decided to interpret theory in this film from an African perspective and tell a love story with it.”

The film was directed by South African, Makhere Thiesto and shot in Ghana. Ckay wanted to replace the idea of music videos with a short film that ties the eight songs on CKay The First into one great story.

The short film is also about ten minutes long. CKay admits that most people won’t understand it, but he feels like he owes it to his creativity and talent to do it.


CKay will drop an EP after the short film. But before then, the latter parts of 2019 will see a song titled ’11/10′ drop. It’s a song by LusshBeatz and also features Terri. CKay also have a collaboration with Belgian, Bryan MG.

2020 will also see releases with Joeboy, Peruzzi, Niniola and more.


See Video below;


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