Twitter user finds out her boyfriend is gay and uses her pictures to attract men

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A Twitter user named Pamela M has shared her shock at finding out that her boyfriend was gay and has been using her photo to catfish men. She found out when a man that she did not know met her in public to say that they had been chatting online.

Pamela M tweeted: “Hai guys imagine you find out your bf is gay, not only is he gay but this nigger uses YOUR pictures to catfish other dudes…IMAGINE!”

She added: “One of the guys he was chatting with saw me in town cz I had an interview and when I didn’t know him he showed me my pictures n That we chat … the things they talk about my Gosh! N the number yeka lovie wam what a fucken day.”

Twitter user narrates how she found out her boyfriend was gay and was using her picture to deceive men

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