Daddy Freeze insinuates Bishop Oyedepo is a member of illuminati (photos)

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Daddy Freeze insinuates Bishop Oyedepo is a member of illuminati (photos)

Nigerian radio host and presenter, Daddy Freeze took to his Instagram handle to share several posts insinuating that the founder of Winners Chapel and Covenant University, Bishop David Oyedepo, is a member of the Illuminati group.

controversial radio presenter backed up his point by sharing a picture collage showing a number powerful individuals posing with their hands steepled in the shape of a triangle.

Some of these people include President of the United States of America Donald Trump, Michelle Obama, Angela Merkel, Steve Harvey, Bishop Oyedepo and others.



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Someone sent me this pic and asked me if I can see any similarities. – I tried very hard but I can’t see anything. – When I turned 40 two years ago, I noticed that my eyesight was not as sharp as it once was. Maybe you can see it because me I can’t see anything o.🙄 – By the way, quick question, why is #Shiloh and the temple that God himself destroyed resurrected every year, WHY????? – ◄ Jeremiah 7:14 ► New Living Translation So just as I destroyed Shiloh, I will now destroy this Temple that bears my name, this Temple that you trust in for help, this place that I gave to you and your ancestors. – Also, why did Abraham insist that his son Isaac went to his hometown ‘UR’ in today’s Iraq, to get a wife because he didn’t want his son marrying women from Cannanland? I’m sure this is just one HELL of a coincidence….🙄 – ◄ Genesis 24:3 ► New International Version I want you to swear by the LORD, the God of heaven and the God of earth, that you will not get a wife for my son from the daughters of the Canaanites, among whom I am living, – In the same vein, Isaac also insisted that Jacob his son shouldn’t marry from cannanland.🙄 – ◄ Genesis 28:1 ► New International Version So Isaac called for Jacob and blessed him. Then he commanded him: “Do not marry a Canaanite woman.

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Daddy Freeze did not end there but also shared another post showing Covenant University’s roof tops. This picture must have been taken from a helicopter. However, the spot on which the institution stands was circled with a red marker to show the school designed in the form of the Star of David, a symbol of Judaism.


In another post, Daddy Freeze shared the same star and said the Bible never referred to it as the Star of David but as the star belonging to Satan.




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